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SECONDS 'Eliza' Sprigs in Vermillion Red || Regency Inspired Reproduction Cotton Fabric

SECONDS 'Eliza' Sprigs in Vermillion Red || Regency Inspired Reproduction Cotton Fabric

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Make some fun things out of a funky mistake! Mockups, linings, modern or kids garments, or just use it as is: This fabric is priced to sell and you can have fun with it!

This is labeled "seconds" because of a misprint in the stripes (see in photos). The fabric is otherwise exactly the same gorgeous hand & quality as the "first" rate Eliza print

Virgil's Fine Goods Exclusive Printed Fabric on 100% Sheer Cotton Cambric/Lightweight Shirting. 

"Eliza Sprigs" is an inspired reproduction print of a fabric used in the 1995 Pride & Prejudice Miniseries. This reproduction is made to imitate a resist print on a sheer woven stripe. Though the fabric reads "turkey red" (orangish red) in the film, in person the fabric is more of a "Vermillion red" which has a hint of berry color to it. This reproduction is intended to look as though it would have fit right in with 19th century textiles and features some slightly misaligned colors here and there. 

This fabric would be suitable for any light project 1790s-present.

Our print is made on a sheer cotton cambric, specially woven for us in a lovely woven texture; perfect for summer applications. This fabric would be suitable for gowns, banyans/wrappers, bedgowns, children's clothing, scarves, drapes, and lightly used home furnishings.

This fabric is a certified organic textile and is sold by the yard. VFG Fabrics are limited quantities, but may be restocked throughout the year.



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About our fabrics

Here at Virgil's Fine Goods, we are committed to ethical and responsible practices in creating our products. Amber designs the prints and the fabrics are made in India.

All VFG fabrics are certified organic textiles and made in certified non-sweatshops with sustainable practices.

As we are a small business, we have limited quantities of all our fabrics so occasionally we will sell out. Periodically, we will hold Pre-Orders to restock. Sign up for our newsletter to keep up-to-date with all our Pre-Order events!

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