Pattern Testing


Are you interested in being a pattern tester for Virgil's Fine Goods? Take a look at the information below to see if being a pattern tester will work for you!



  • Beginner-or-higher level Sewing Experience: Have at least a basic understanding and experience of how to put a garment together and are able to follow a sewing pattern.

    -Each pattern has different skills needed and may have different testing requirements. Check the individual testing page for specifics.
  • Model: Must have an appropriate model for the garment to test fit

    -Models for children's garments will require a special photo release form.
  • Have access to a home printer to print to US Letter size.

  • Allow Virgil's Fine Goods and Lady of the Wilderness to share any blog posts, photos and social media from your make.



  • Be able to work within the timeline provided: Most patterns have a 2–3 week window for making the garment and providing feedback.

  • Provide clear photos of garment on model for my reference of fit (these are photos that will not be shared but are for my reference)

  • Provide at least 1–2 clear photos of garment on model for publicity usage within 2 weeks of pattern launch (Photo Release Form Required)



  • Receive a tester e-pattern

  • Receive a finished e-pattern .pdf once the pattern launches

  • Lots of sharing of your social media accounts/blogs (if applicable) from both the Lady of the Wilderness facebook/blog/instagram and the Virgil's Fine Goods store insta/facebook

  • Add to the VIP Pattern Tester Email list
Still want to test our patterns? Take a look at the testing opportunities below to see what's currently on the docket!

There are currently no patterns needing tested at this time. Please check again later!