About Virgil's Fine Goods

Thanks for visiting the new home of VFG!

Virgil's Fine Goods specializes in making historical millinery, accessories, and patterns for reenactors, living historians, costumers and theaters. VFG is based in Central Ohio and is run and owned by Amber Mendenhall. 

Every item in the store has been meticulously researched and carefully handcrafted. New information surfaces all the time and we strive to keep our patterns & methods up to the most recent standards. Within each listing is a brief overview of the item, what it's made of, what it's based on, and the time period it is most accurate to.

More in-depth research can usually be found on  Amber's blog, Lady of the Wilderness, or on the blog pages on this site... since she just can't keep the info to herself!

Image Credit: Carol Kocian

About the Owner

Amber Mendenhall is a graduate of Ohio University and received a B.S.S. in Historical Costume Construction & American History and in 2011 worked as an intern at the Margaret Hunter Millinery Shop at Colonial Williamsburg. She has had a passion for historical garments and clothing making since her adolescent days and is excited to share her knowledge and skills through Virgil's Fine Goods. Amber has created historical (and non-historical) millinery and accessories for museums, theaters, opera, Broadway, and ballet productions, as well as individual reenactors and living historians. She has taught classes for events, organizations, and individual lessons and is passionate about making historical accuracy accessible to everyone.

Amber is currently working as a pattern collaborator with Leimomi Oakes of Scroop Patterns to provide historically accurate and easy to use historical patterns as well as creating a pattern line for Virgil's Fine Goods.