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Rilla Corset (1913-1921) Pattern || #1703

Rilla Corset (1913-1921) Pattern || #1703

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The Rilla Corset is a five-panel WWI-era underbust corset based on an original PD Marvella corset by Belgian corset manufacturer PD Corsets. The Marvella was one of the best-selling corsets worldwide in the second half of the 1910s, making the Rilla corset the perfect base for WWI and early 1920s costuming.

With extensive instructions and advice on fitting, the Rilla is designed to be an easy make for sewers with some corsetmaking experience, or a good introduction to corsetmaking for the moderately advanced sewer with no previous corsetmaking experienced.

View A features a dipped front neckline, raised back neckline, four garter straps, and a bottom hem line which is low in front and higher at the back. View B features a straight front neckline, dipped back neckline, six garter straps, and a curved U cut into the front of the bottom hem. Necklines and hemlines can be mixed and matched between View A & View B.

Both views feature the fairly naturalistic slender hourglass silhouette that became popular in the mid 1910s, with low bust, moderate waist compression, and slim but rounded hips.

Inspired by the way corsets were sized and sold in the 1910s, the Rilla comes in two waist-to-hip ratio (hip flare) size sets. The ‘Average’ size set has a 13” difference between waist and hip, and is best for those with a natural waist-to-hip difference of 9” or more. The ‘Slender’ size set has a 10” difference between waist and hip, and is best for those with a natural waist-to-hip difference of less than 9”.

Digital Patterns:

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Sizing Chart

Pattern Specifications

This is physical paper pattern.

The Rilla Corset pattern contains the following :

Full Instruction Booklet: 18 pages
Pattern Pieces: 2 large printed pages (All Size Packs)
Paper Envelope
The Rilla Corset Pattern does not come with Streamlined Instructions.

Size Chart

Recommended Materials

The Rilla Corset is designed to be made with a single layer of midweight, very tightly woven, extremely stable, natural-fiber fabrics with no stretch or give whatsoever, such as coutil, satin or brocaded coutil, ticking, some plain weaves and denims, etc.

View A is shown in bow-patterned 100% cotton jacquard-woven cushion-weight upholstery fabric, with bindings in 100% cotton feather/down proof plain-weave cotton, and boning channels in pink twill-weave cotton tape. It is boned with German plastic boning. It is trimmed with antique linen lace and satin bows (white mannequin).

View B is shown in 100% cotton 'domestic' (American made) white coutil, with bindings in 100% cotton twill tape, and pre-made bone-casing channels. It is boned in spring steel, with German plastic lacing bones. It is pictured trimmed with vintage hand-made lace.

Both views are shown in size 38, Average Hip Flare.

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