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Virgil's Fine Goods

Norland Frock (1760-1789) Children's Pattern || #G103

Norland Frock (1760-1789) Children's Pattern || #G103

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Difficulty: Early Intermediate

The Norland Frock Pattern from Virgil's Fine Goods is suitable for impressions 1760-1789 for all young children up to US size 8. This lovely little gown is largely based on portraiture and sketches of young children from around the 1760s through 1780s. 

Simple white frocks were the quintessential young child’s garment during the Georgian era. Both boys and girls wore these sweet gowns until they were reliably outhouse-trained, when boys would be “breeched” or transitioned into bifurcated pant styles while girls transitioned into gowns similar in cut to adult women. For the latter half of the 18th century, the “slip” gown was the preferred style for younger children. It featured stitched bodice pleats, skirt tucks, and sometimes sleeve tucks: all of which allowed for growth alterations.

If you are interested in a downloadable pattern please follow this link

Pattern Specifications

This pattern is a physical paper pattern.

The Norland Frock Pattern contains the following:

17 pages Instruction Booklet + Fitting Guide
2 large paper printed pattern sheets
Large Paper Envelope

Size Chart

Recommended Materials

Gown: light and midweight cottons, linens or silks. Gowns like this were typically white or very light colors.

Petticoat and Sash: light to heavy weight silks or cotton sateens are appropriate. Wide ribbons may be used for the sash instead of creating a sash of matching fabric to the petticoat.

Research & Inspiration

Here are some helpful links to the research and inspirations of this product:

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About the Models

Miss A is wearing a size 3T Norland Frock made with a lightweight cotton organdy. Her petticoat and sash are made with a pink polished poly-cotton sateen. She is also wearing a Virgil's Fine Goods cap (pattern to come!)

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