Floral Waters || Eu de Toilette || LBCC Historical

Floral Waters || Eu de Toilette || LBCC Historical

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Pour them into your toilet? NO. You need to let these shine!

Eu de Toilette or floral waters have been used for centuries to perfume the body and textiles. They can be added to baths, face washes, or shampoos to provide a gentle scent.

4oz with limited edition Wax Seal 

This concoction is packaged in a glass bottle with screw top for ease of use and durability. Wax seals can be loosened by hand or warmed between palms to loose the adhesion.



Lavender-  Popular throughout history (Distilled Water, Lavender, Alcohol)

Orange Flower-  Popular in the 18th & Early 19th centuries (Distilled Water, Orange Flower, Alcohol)

Rose-  Popular throughout history (Distilled Water, Rose, Alcohol)

Violet-  Popular 1890s-1930s (Distilled Water, Synthetic Violet, Alcohol)

These products are created by LBCC Historical Cosmetics, based on historical recipes and using modern ingredients. All items have been taken to an outdoor show, and therefore may have minor imperfections on the labels and/or packaging.