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Eleanora Stripe (ca1900-1910) Cotton Fabric Shirting

Eleanora Stripe (ca1900-1910) Cotton Fabric Shirting

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"Eleanora" is a direct reproduction of a shirtwaist fabric in Amber's collection of antique textiles. The original piece was homemade, basting stitches still in tact in the seam allowances, thought to be most likely made around 1900-1910. Examination of the fibers in the fragments indicate that it is a cotton fabric. Fabrics like this were made via roller printing for mass production. This reproduction is intended to look as it would right off the bolt, keeping some misalignments/imperfections in the final run. 

Our reproduction is tightly woven and has a light drape with a smooth texture, similar in hand to the original. This fabric would be suitable for shirtwaists, dresses, petticoats, men's shirts, quilts, children's clothes, etc.

This fabric is a certified organic textile and is sold by the yard. VFG Fabrics are limited quantities, but may be restocked throughout the year.


100% Organic Cotton.


Sold by the yard.

VFG Fabrics are limited quantities, but may be restocked throughout the year.

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Care Instructions

100% Organic Cotton

Wash & prepare fabric as you intend to launder after the garment is made. We suggest washing in cold water and dry on low to lessen shrinkage.

About our fabrics

Here at Virgil's Fine Goods, we are committed to ethical and responsible practices in creating our products. Amber designs the prints and the fabrics are made in India.

All VFG fabrics are certified organic textiles and made in certified non-sweatshops with sustainable practices.

As we are a small business, we have limited quantities of all our fabrics so occasionally we will sell out. Periodically, we will hold Pre-Orders to restock. Sign up for our newsletter to keep up-to-date with all our Pre-Order events!

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