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LBCC Historical

1772 Perfumed Body & Hair Powder

1772 Perfumed Body & Hair Powder

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Need a great all around powder? Look no further. We've got an all-in-one: dry shampoo, volumizer, chub rub preventer, deodorant. What more could you want? Use this beautifully scented powder with a pomatum for ultimate volume and style capabilities or lightly dust on your body wherever feels right. Based on a recipe from 1772. 



Organic Orris Root, Organic Rose, Organic Sandalwood, Organic Cloves, Organic Lemon, Organic Wheat Starch

How To Use

HAIR After an application of hair pomatum from root to ends, section the hair into manageable amounts and sprinkle on hair starting from root to ends. Brush hair with a boar or natural hair bristle brush for an even application. Style hair as desired. Lightly dust hair with powder for a more dramatic "cast" of color.

Tip: Everyone's hair is different. Test on a small section of your own hair prior to a full application to the head to determine optimum amounts for your hair type.

How to use: BODY Lightly dust clean and dry areas of the body to stay fresh, dry, and smooth. More powder may be needed for areas that get more sweaty to maintain freshness.

Research & Inspiration

Here are some helpful links to the research and inspirations of this product:

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About the LBCC Historical Apothecary

LBCC Historical Apothecary is a small and unique business located in Beaver Dam, WI. LBCC specializes in researching and reproducing original Apothecary & Cosmetics products. Their recipes are extracted from forgotten texts, old pharmaceutical ledgers, manuscripts, and museum archives. They offer everything from historical haircare to ancient salves and vintage beauty products and their ingredients are 100% top quality, natural, and almost always organic.


These products are created by LBCC Historical Cosmetics, based on historical recipes and using modern ingredients. Please contact LBCC Historical with any questions or concerns you might have regarding their products.

All items have been taken to an outdoor show, and therefore may have minor imperfections on the labels and/or packaging.
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