18th Century Color Hair Powders || LBCC Historical

18th Century Color Hair Powders || LBCC Historical

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The original dry shampoo and volumizer PLUS COLOR! Use any of these hair powders with a pomatum for ultimate volume and style capabilities or just adding some pizzazz to your day. These pigmented hair powders can be used similarly to hair chalk, for pops of color that wash out.

For the 18th century European or Colonist, hair powder was a necessity for hair cleanliness, as it was thought that brushing powders through the hair helped promote growth and aided in ridding the hair of any other dirt or debris. Extra color just makes it more fun.

Hair powder was most commonly used for colonizing peoples from 1730s-1795, and after 1795 for Europeans and members of government in Britain.

How to use: After an application of hair pomatum from root to ends, section the hair into manageable amounts and sprinkle on hair starting from root to ends. Brush hair with a boar or natural hair bristle brush for an even application. Style hair as desired. Lightly dust hair with powder for a more dramatic "cast" of color.

Tip: Everyone's hair is different. Test on a small section of your own hair prior to a full application to the head to determine optimum amounts for your hair type.

Another Tip: As these powders contain pigment, we urge you to exercise caution when applying these products to the hair, as it is possible for staining to occur on some light colored textiles or surfaces.


Choose from the following options:

Gray (Organic Lavender Flowers, Vegetable Starch, Organic Wheat Starch)

Pink (Powdered Rose Petals, Iron Oxide, Maize Starch, Rose Oil)

Blue (Ultra Marine Powder, Orris Root, Organic Wheat Starch)

These products are created by LBCC Historical Cosmetics, based on historical recipes and using modern ingredients. All items have been taken to an outdoor show, and therefore may have minor imperfections on the labels and/or packaging.