January 2021 Shop Updates

January 2021 Shop Updates

New year, new things! Thank you all for being patient through the holiday season as we got some strange things worked out. It was VFG's best sales months yet, and I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for all your support of mine, and others', small businesses this year.

Each month through the new VFG blog and website I'll be able to update you all on fun information regarding our new products, restock updates, pre-orders, and sales so keep an eye here and sign up for our email (bottom of page) to keep in the know!

And now onto the January Update...

New Products:

RIBBONS This month we've listed a few new silk satin ribbon colors: Natural (undyed) White, Black, Mint, and Royal Blue. Each listing has the sizes we carry.

VirgilsFineGoods Silk Ribbons

REPLACEMENT CANES FOR CALASHES. For those of you that have purchased a Calash Kit with us, we have a new listing for replacement canes if they've been broken at some point. Currently, we will have them available for Camilla (she requires a certain shape) and you can purchase whichever number/length you're looking for. Sadly, shipping is a bit hefty for this item due to the tall size. I'll send an update if I'm ever able to make that more affordable!

SCOTTY VENTILATED HIP & BUSTLE PAD paper patterns are in! If you'd like a physical copy of this pattern in all 4 sizes, we've got you covered. PDF versions are still available for download on the etsy page.

SPECIALS. I've added a page for discounted items and items sold as-is for those who don't mind buying something that might need extra love. Pictures of any defects will be in the listing. I have a couple of Scotty Ventilated Hip & Bustle Pad test samples and some bonnets this month.



The Scroop Patterns + Virgil's Fine Goods Amalia Jacket pattern is available for pre-order from now until January 15th. We hope to ship the pre-order out by the beginning of February.



There is ONE more full-size Camilla Calash Deluxe Kit available here. I was able to squeeze it and another "Seconds" Deluxe kit out of my faille yardage. The "Seconds" Camilla Calash Deluxe Kit is different only in the cut pieces for the skirt and ties are 1/3-1/2" narrower than the original.

Camilla Calash "Bones" Kits have been restocked for this month. Again, this is a limited run, so when they're gone this time, they're gone! 

Augusta Stays Patterns are restocked often, but sizes were quickly sold out over the holidays- while the printers were also on vacation- so I apologize for the longer-than-usual restock time for those! If ever you don't find the size you're looking for, please visit Burnley & Trowbridge to see if they might have the size you're looking for! Otherwise, the Augusta patterns are restocked generally every two weeks here at VFG.



We're offering a "Website Launch Sale" this week on our new ribbons, VFG patterns, and other in-stock items. Discounts up to 15% off, so be sure to check out the "Sales" page to see what we've got hanging out over there. The sale will run until January 15th 2021.



Other News:

We will be announcing in February some class offerings available for the coming months. These will be online courses that you can purchase here on the website. We hope to make class announcements each season and are super excited to offer this to you all! 



Thank you all again for being such amazing customers and supporters through this past year. I'm so glad to finally launch the website and offer more options for you all. If you want to keep up with what I'm doing, be sure to follow me over on the Lady of the Wilderness Instagram, facebook, & Youtube channel, as I'm always working on something. 

Happy & Healthy (virtual) Hugs comin' atcha. Have a good one!


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