Welcome to the new home of VFG!

Welcome to the new home of VFG!


A New Website?!

Hello all! It's been an interesting ride and I'm sure everyone is happy to say that we're happy to leave 2020 behind us. As we sail into the sunset and come out the sunrise for 2021, we're so excited to announce that Virgil's Fine Goods will now sell physical items through this stand-alone store and digital items will remain on the etsy page. We think this will be a much easier interface for you, our customers, and we will also be able to offer more items (like classes! yay! more info on that later) for you all to enjoy.

In celebration of our new launch, we're offering a 15% discount on select items in our store until Jan 15th, 2021. We thank you all for following and supporting us the past 4 years and we are looking forward to further expanding our offerings and providing the best service possible.

New Listings and Restock Updates:

For new listings and product restocks, we hope to update the site at the beginning of each month. I am currently working two days per week and most evenings, so this schedule will hopefully make my life easier and/or more predictable. We'll see how it goes! 

I will send updates and announcements through our new newsletter and also here on the blog, so you'll never be in the dark on what's going on. Be sure to sign up below to stay in the know.


Thank you again for following and supporting us through this rough year and I hope that we all can use that strength to bring us fortuitously through the next one. Hugs!

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