The Great Calash Shipping Saga of 2020

The Great Calash Shipping Saga of 2020

Finally, my friends, the box drama has ended. These puppies have been shipped off to their new homes and I cannot wait to see their final forms.

As many of you know first hand, our Cyber Weekend debut of the new Camilla Calash Kits was a smashing success. I am wholly astounded at everyone's haste to purchase these beauties and couldn't believe that they sold out in less than a day. However, the post office had its own plans to squash our excitement.

Boxes were ordered the well before the Camilla launch and I was confident I would be able to mail everything out within the following week. Unfortunately the packages the USPS was hit with amid covid cases at an all-time high and the holidays quickly approaching meant that my wonderful, perfectly sized box order got lost in the shuffle.

Many asked "Can't you just ship the kits in a different, more accessible-to-you box?" The answer is yes... I could have, but it would have been pricey for everyone. To understand why, let's talk a little bit about the Camilla Calash:

Camilla, named such because I thought alliteration would be catchy and the name is sadly underused, is a biggun. This calash isn't the largest ever, but it is by no means small. This piece of headwear stands 17" tall when worn. Wooden canes (being the material to give it its conestoga like appearance) are soaked and shaped into a narrow-ish "U" to give the proper 1770s shape. A box smaller than the ones pictured below (ie anything smaller than 18" in length) would have damaged the canes irreparably and defeated any care I had put into them before. Simply put: the ready-to-make calash kit would have been a not-so-ready-to-make-because-you-have-to-reshape-the-canes-yourself-kit, and that's not so much fun.


Luckily, I have found a much better solution than the one I used for the launch of these pretties. But I thank everyone who has borne this setback with understanding patience for the whole affair. 

If you're interested in purchasing your own Camilla Calash Kit, we have a limited amount of "Bones Kits" as well as stand alone Camilla paper patterns available here for purchase (and they're ready to ship this minute!)

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