Liquid Rouges || Historical Blush & Lipcolor || LBCC Historical

Liquid Rouges || Historical Blush & Lipcolor || LBCC Historical

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Trying to capture that youthful glow or sunkissed cheeks? These liquid rouges are perfect for adding the cherry on top of your historical visage.

Choose from the following:

"A rouge that exactly imitates nature" (1772) from the Toilet de Flora. This recipe is sure to please. This is a true red rouge that is easily layered for a more dramatic look. Top seller.

"Turkish Rouge"  (1810) This is an exact recipe from the early 19th century. The color is a rich blood red that can be easily layered. According to the author it " a beautiful and inoffensive rouge…" meaning it was not overly bright but natural looking for the wearer. Also available as a solid rouge here.

"Bloom of Roses" (1896) "Apply with the corner of a soft handkerchief, taking care that if the color is too bright, it is reduced by means of pure water." This pinky-red color of lip and cheek stain was popular and available in 18th century Paris and eventually was reproduced by many others throughout the 1800-1900s. It continued to sell until 1958.

***All liquid rouges are prone to staining whatever they touch if spilled. Please handle with care***


4oz with limited edition Wax Seal 

This concoction is packaged in a glass bottle with screw top for ease of use and durability. Wax seals can be loosened by hand or warmed between palms to loose the adhesion.



1772 Rouge that Imitates Nature: Organic Gum Of Benjamin, Natural Brazil Wood, Organic Sandalwood, Alum, Alcohol

1896 Bloom of Roses: Carmine, Rose Water, Essence of Roses, Organic Rose Oil

1810 Turkish Rouge:  Brazil Wood, Alum, Vinegar, Alcohol

These products are created by LBCC Historical Cosmetics, based on historical recipes and using modern ingredients. All items have been taken to an outdoor show, and therefore may have minor imperfections on the labels and/or packaging.